From root to roast


Did you know that coffee grows on trees? It all starts with the evergreen Coffea plant, and the precious cherries it holds. It's cultivated in around 70 countries worldwide, in tropical and sub-tropical regions. 


Did you know:

Coffee plants love warm, humid climates. Thriving best in conditions between 17-23°C with abundant rain and fertile soil.


There are more than 60 different varieties of coffee, but Arabica and Robusta are most widely cultivated. 


Coffee blossoms look a bit like Jasmin flowers with a similar fragrance and white colour.

Masterfully Made

Ever wondered how we turn beans into delicious coffee? Once harvested, our beans are carefully washed, dried, sorted and blended, bringing together the individual character of different varietals.



Roasted with pleasure

Once blended, we roast the beans to unlock the aromatic oils, and delicious depth of flavour contained within.

The average roast takes around 12 minutes

During roasting, beans are exposed to temperatures of 200° to 250° C, which brings out that Jacobs aroma.

Did you know that unroasted beans weigh more than roasted beans? That's because the moisture in the beans evaporates.

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