Introducing Café-Style Cappuccino

Welcome to Jacobs Café, what would you like to drink?


Delicate appetizing foam, combined with a magnificent rich taste of coffee from specially selected coffee beans, creates a true pleasure. Treat yourself to a cup of your favorite coffee, just like from café, which is now so easy to prepare yourself. Enjoy the moment with Jacobs.


Discover our Aromas

Rich, velvety taste with a thick, especially delicate foam - Jacobs Classic Cappuccino - this is a real enjoyment with classic coffee.

Mmmm ... something delicious! Enjoy coffee combined with delicate cocoa and soft creamy foam. Taste that will just mesmerize you!

Enjoy taste of your favorite chocolate Milka combined with rich taste of Jacobs Cappuccino. Cozy and delicious drink to keep you warm.

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